Amy Kean

Amy Kean is founder of creativity and culture company Six Things Impossible. She’s on a mission to fix some (six) things in the ad industry, ranging from how we talk about people, to how we stop obsessing over fabricated trends. She’s also a lecturer at Kingston university, an author and poet, and co-founder of DICE, which stands for Diversity and Inclusion at Conferences and Events which is a voluntary organisation established to eradicate manels. She’s worked in strategy and innovation for 15 years, and was previously global head of strategic innovation and creativity at Starcom, responsible for driving positive change across every client’s business. Prior to that she led strategy for Mindshare across APAC , launched the UK’s first media lab for the Havas Media Group, and ran marketing, PR and social media at the Internet Advertising Bureau. She’s also author of the number 1 bestselling feminist fairy tale The Little Girl Who Gave Zero F*cks and her second book, House of Weeds, came out in May 2020 with Fly on the Wall.