Welcome to the home of Engagement First, a project developed through Innovate UK

Engagement First has brought together a team of individuals across a range of different organisations to) to enable engaging, inclusive, sustainable and high-impact sessions for virtual and hybrid events and meetings, through research and the development ofAxis Workshops. AXIS is an innovative software application for meetings and events. Axis offers event planners a new way to drive audience participation at events using anonymity and voting which ensures that everybody has an equal voice.

All our work on the project is included here along with practical advice for event planners on how to run inclusive events and how to use Axis at your next meeting, breakout or conference. Our microsite is also designed to illustrate a best practice approach to displaying key information about your digital or hybrid event.

Introduction & Housekeeping
Richard Waddington - Event Marketing Association
A wide-ranging discussion that will focus on how the conference format can be reimagined in a world where inclusion, engagement and sustainability are key. Are there obstacles to be aware of or new opportunities to be grasped? The panel will comment on recent research results and shared experiences generating insights relevant to your event programme. Axis: Throughout the panel, participants can use Axis on their smart phone to generate responses to the question “What is the events industry art of the possible if we dare to be bold?” At the end of the panel participants have the opportunity to vote on the ideas they have co-created. Which ideas will come out on top?
Rob Hopkin - AXIS
Anna Green - Broadsword Event House
Priya Narain - Event Marketing Association
Olga Ivannikova - Private Goodness
Marni Smyth - Purple Goat
Richard John - Realise
This presentation will reference societal change and key trends within the events industry in terms of engagement, from gender equality to diversity and inclusion, sustainability, technology and innovation.
Amy Kean - DICE
Join a workshop session with nine other like-minded professionals investigating how conferences can create deeper and more meaningful levels of engagement. Given the shift to virtual and hybrid events, what does engagement look like and how can it be generated and sustained throughout an event? Share your ideas and learn from others by working together to answer the question using design thinking techniques. Each group will have a facilitator who will introduce and guide the session following the Axis framework. The output of each breakout will be consolidated into a co-created ‘how to engagement guide’ issued to all participants.
Grab a coffee and join a virtual round table discussion with nine other like-minded professionals thinking about the value of increased engagement and how different formats could boost creativity and deliver true innovation. This activity is ideal for participants who enjoy interaction and meeting new and interesting contacts. Axis: Participants to use Axis to augment the traditional verbal discussion allowing everyone to share their thoughts and insights. Either enter your ideas independently through the app or share verbally for the facilitator to capture. Discuss the ideas generated, vote or prioritise and discuss the results.